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Fans of Raistlin Majere
2nd-Nov-2006 10:29 am - Contest?
Xeno lick
Hello everyone.

I was thinking of running an art contest, would any one be interested in entering? I think as long as 5 people enter it would be worth running.(so far i have 1 person interested so PLEASE enter!!) Please comment here if interested and i'll make an official journal about it with the names of people interested.
The theme: Winter Raistlin (of course raist, who else is worth drawing???)more details if i get enought people entering.
Anyone can enter, deadline sometime in december, and the prize:
1st prize: Full colour drawing by me.(just about anything, clean though im afraid)
2nd prize: Line drawing by me(same again)
heres the link to my DA account where i wil be posting entries and also so you can get a look at what your drawn prize might look like:

you dont have to be brilliant at art, im looking for ideas and an interpretaion of raist's fragile/sensitive side. Any style, any medium!!
12th-Oct-2006 06:39 pm - Hi!
Been lurking around for some time. Not much has happened here so far since I joined so I thought I could go for it and put some art here :0
Because there can never be enough Raistlin-art. Heh. I sort of draw regularly Raistlin-stuff so...lets share.

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18th-Sep-2006 05:28 pm - Hi. I need suggestions...
Hi everyone. I just joined LJ today and was THRILLED there was a Raistlin community...and I have a question. I love crossover fanfiction (am currently writing a gigantic one around which my journal is themed) but haven't been able to find any good ones for DL lately. Any suggestions?
28th-Jul-2006 09:46 am - O... MG
A movie!?

Kiefer Sutherland Headlines Final Movie Cast
Friday, 14 July 2006
Casing for the movie has now been completed with Kiefer Sutherland assuming voicing duties for Raistlin Majere. Sutherland is of course best known as Jack Bauer from TV`s "24", however he also has a string of acclaimed movie roles to his credit. Sutherland joins a voice cast which includes Lucy Lawless ("Xena: Warrior Princess") as Goldmoon, Michael Rosenbaum ("Smallville") as Tanis Half-Elven, and Michelle Trachtenberg ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer") as Tika Waylan, for the animated movie adaptation of "Dragons of Autumn Twilight".

I'm kinda scared. O.O
Kiefer Sutherland as Raistlin? That will be... interesting...
9th-Jul-2006 09:24 am - More fanart!
OC - Tannusen - Surana Portrait

Full Circle
Rated PG for leather and ripped stuff.

DeviantArt Link | Y!Gallery Link

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3rd-Jul-2006 03:22 pm(no subject)
Was anyone else aware that there were Dragonlance comics? I had no idea, but I was in a bookstore yesterday and was looking through the comic book box, and found two dragonlance comic books! I paid about $4 each for them... does anyone know how much they're actually worth? I don't think I'll sell them or anything, I'm just curious.

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I haven't read them yet, and I'll probably do some research on them later. Right now I'm a bit pressed for time.
15th-Jun-2006 01:36 pm(no subject)
Hi!!! I'm new in this comunity, I'm a great fan of  Dragonlance and deeply in love with Raist n_n I think is great that there is a community of him, I like very very much the layout, he looks very powerful and hot, I haven't read many books of dragonlance because here in Mexico are kinda hard to find, but i'll be loking for more DL ^^. Well guys I hope to make new friends here, see you around!
7th-May-2006 12:37 pm(no subject)
Arg. You people are evil. I keep having dreams about Raistlin and now I've fallen in love with your community background picture. I feel embarassed now. Also I am confused cos I am...how should i put it...not really into guys. Lol.
26th-Mar-2006 03:24 pm - Legends of the Twins
glasses of doom, pwnage imminent
Hey everyone! I've just spent some time reading the "Legends of the Twins" Dragonlance Campaign Setting Companion (which is sort of a how-to for making alternate universe Krynns) and I just had to share this.

Firstly, it gives you the option of playing through the Legends books (YAY! =D) and has loads and LOADS of stuff for that which is just begging to be written about (like how, somehow, Raistlin has met at least three of Riverwind's ancestors in the past, as well as a relative of Flint's). There are also full stats for Raistlin and just about most of the major characters in Legends (including tidbits about their pasts and personalities).

Secondly, there's a few awesome Alternate Krynns to explore, some of which have some pretty amusing quirks. For instance, an Alternate Krynn with Ansalon being ruled by wizards: Par Salian's a black robe in this universe (LOL) and Sturm has ended up the leader of a rebel faction, while Raistlin is a possessed red robe. One of the other Alternate Krynns is the future where Raistlin takes on the gods and wins, the same future that Tas and Caramon visit in Legends. And, guess what, there are Raistlinites! =D Hurrah for the cult of rabid Raistlin fans! Weirdly, it also seems in that timeline, Raistlin somehow absorbed Crysania and she occasionaly will undo the damage he's done to Krynn (well that's what they theorize, anyway). There's also an AU Krynn that reflects the Cold War which is, apparently, a version of the other, other future that Tas visited.

Thirdly, there's loads of stuff on the other Towers of High Sorcery, the Dwarfgate Wars, Kitiara's little siege of Palanthas, and Pre-Cataclysm Istar.

Fangirl that I am, the minute I found out about this book I had to have it and I can say I honestly enjoy it. It's a great resource, even if you don't actually play AD&D, and helps to give a better picture of Krynn. Did I mention the fact that it's got Raistlin in it? ^___^;
25th-Feb-2006 03:33 am - Hi!
glasses of doom, pwnage imminent
Hello, everyone. I'm a long time Raistlin fan - to the point where his nickname replaced my name while I was in high school (We also had Kit and Dalamar, so converstations got TRULY amusing). I've also written several fanfics in DL - and yes, I am that TwinEnigma, the one who decided to reincarnate Raistlin as Inuyasha out of sheer boredom. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2118018/1/

Shameless plug, so sorry. Anyway, I know much in the way of... my PRECIOUS! O_o; I mean, hehehe... Raistlin-themed things. Call it a minor... very minor... (hides shrine and offerings) obsession?

Currently, I'm working on a CG takhisis doodle. :P I'm going to do more Raistlin fanart when my DL muse decides to stop gnawing on my ankle (he really doesn't like Takhisis very much, but then, he's chibi-Raistlin, so its to be expected.)


Fireball, wonderful spell...
How did it go again?
14th-Feb-2006 03:32 pm - <3

:D Just a dorky little something I made for my boyfriend and thought someone here might find amusing. That picture was pretty much the only good one I could find, heh. Feel free to post your own! Happy Valentine's day, all.
13th-Oct-2005 04:50 pm - Hello everyone!!!!
Xeno lick
Hello everyone, i just joined! Im partway through a raist fan art right now, I'll post a link when its done. Its Raist before he took the test.
Question: does anyone feel weird after reading a dragonlance book? I always feel a bit like there is something really evil floating around me for a few hours! maybe its just me....
3rd-Sep-2005 08:31 pm - The books
pure magic
Hi! My name's Vicki...I've read the Chronicles and Legends books, and Raistlin is my absolute favorite character, go figure! I was wondering which other books he is in, since I know that so many others are set in other time periods. And besides asking for the titles, I have to ask, are these other books (that may or may not be by the original authors) any good? I'm not usually big on reading books by (for lack of a better word) "copycat" authors...
Thanks a million!
25th-Aug-2005 05:53 pm - *scoots in*
This is kind of a quick sketch from a couple weeks ago, but I thought it might be appreciated here. I've seen a lot of art featuring Raist and the DL cast in anime style, (not that this is a bad thing), so I thought I'd try my hand in a more western animation style at drawing him. He kinda looks like someone's saying something stupid, heh.

Is anyone else loving the new book covers for the rereleased novels? Elmore's art got better near the end (I always felt like he didn't properly portray Raistlin... too many of the official art makes himl ook old, ugly, and barely human, none of which is accurate to how he is described. Unusual and very thin, yes, but at several points in the Legends series, people describing him have noted, very specifically, how young he looks. :P D'oh.

Anyway, this is my introduction post. I'm Crow, I've been a DL fan off and on for about a decade now, and am in the process of rereading the Legends and Chronicles trilogies both - I'm finding the latter a bit harder to swallow. I forgot how badly written it was. ^_^;; Great story, great characters, and the reading gets easier by the second book, but they were obviously still in campaign mode when they started writing these. I still love them though.

I'm also a diehard Raist/Dalamar slash fan, so if I manage to find the time, I may be slipping in more art of them from time to time. :) Nice to meet you all!
20th-Aug-2005 09:52 pm(no subject)
Well, I just finished re-reading the legends trilogy. You know, poor Raistlin... everyon hates him, but he's not REALLY evil, and he's actually really smart. It just seems like he has some pretty bad luck... I don't know. Anyway, the end of that trilogy always makes me kind of sad. How about you?

Hehe, I loaned the chronicles to my friend miracleogle a few weeks ago, and she loved them. I didn't even have to say anything and she was talking about how cool Raistlin is. :D Then she mentioned that asking, "Do you have a brother?" wouldn't really work out for the best in Raistlin's case, since he DOES have a brother... but they're nothing alike. (I guess this came up when I informed her that Raistlin was already taken, and she was looking for alternatives or some such)

Well, I'm rambling. I suspect I should go to sleep one of these days, since it's the middle of the night and I type all sorts of incoherent nonsense at such times.
22nd-Jul-2005 12:56 am - Skull Bearer
Skull Bearer

As you can see, I've filched your Raistlin as my icon ;). This is perfectly fitting as I am a huge Raistlin fan, I'm one of those wierd people who found Dragonlance through fanfiction, so I was already familiar with the characters when I got into it (the fact that by the time I read the books I was already a die-hard Raistlin/Dalamar slasher didn't help however). Raistlin has to be the coolest character I have ever read about, and he displaced Micheal Moorcock's Elric in my 'favourite fictional character of all time', which is no small feat.

I do a lot of drawings of my favourite mage, but as I am technologicly inept I cannot seem to make the scanner work well enough to post them anywhere, which really annoys me, to be honest.

Luckily I have had no such problems posting my fanficion in various places, and if you're interested they're on my fanfiction.net account here. Be warned, asd I said above, I love Raistlin/Dalamar so if you hate slash or can't stomach that particular pairing then don't click.


Skull Bearer.

16th-Jul-2005 10:26 pm(no subject)
"I have little choice, it seems. Either I die at the hands of three wizards or I am to be sucked dry by a lich."
—Raistlin Majere, The Soulforge
11th-Jul-2005 03:21 pm(no subject)
Clound n Aeris
I just finished Time of the Twins and Raistlin just got a WHOLE lot cooler...
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