Lexi (nowstandstill) wrote in raistlin_fans,

A site with a very bad pun in the name.

This site was a really cool thing back when I was in middle school. I used to be a member of the old forum, located on-site amongst other things. I knew the original webmistress. I'm not sure if any of you good people were members of this site back when it was frequently updated and expanding, but it was fun for bluecattz and myself. I was known as 'Editor' for my grammatical nit-picking. People sent me their fanfiction to edit and post up on the site, but all the passwords changed when ownership of the site switched hands from Michelle to ArchMage -- now the current webmaster.

(Not to be confused with archmage. I've asked.)

I suspect he lost interest in the site, it hasn't been updated in over two years. I've tried to email him about my interest of purchasing the domain, a mail-bot returned a notice that the inbox's bandwidth had been exceeded.

A friend suggested that I track him down on the forum, which I tried to do. I put a PM to his ez-board inbox that he may never find.

So my question is, how does one go about contacting a mysterious webmaster who doesn't have a personal email listed anywhere on the site?

He bought the domain for $100, I'm willing to offer $150 for the rights. I want to revamp it, replace the images with less-pixelated ones, and -shock- keep it updated. The ez-board forum would go, I'd be willing to chip off the cash to keep a better one on-site.

It's something I've wanted to do for years. Now that I have the html skill to do it, I can't contact the owner. It figures.
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