nameshavepower (nameshavepower) wrote in raistlin_fans,

Raistlin Fanfictions

So, I've started two Raistlin fanfictions is pure Raistlin, about his two years in the Tower prior to going back in time to fight Takhisis and whatnot, so it will cover the creation of the Live Ones, Caramon's letter, and Dalamar's introduction has his apprentice/spy. I'm also planning on going through the Twin's Trilogy purely from Raistlin's point of view in this fanfic. The other fanfiction is Raistlin/Crysania, at the end of Dragons of a Vanished Moon. This one is...well, I'm not really all that happy with it, mostly because it promotes a bunch of sappy bs I don't believe in, but eh. It got a favorite, so I'll look past the fact that I am blatantly pandering to fluff audiences. The links to the two fanfics can be found below, if anyone wants to read/drop a review. :D
Tags: raistlin majere dragonlance fanfiction
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