nameshavepower (nameshavepower) wrote in raistlin_fans,

Finally - Woohoo Woohoo

Thank the blessed gods on Krynn. Finally some other Dragonlance (and specifically Raistlin) fans.

I shall contribute - these are the only two decent Raistlin fanfics I have found thus far.
(The bald picture of Tom Hiddleston is a bit off-putting, and Raistlin's jumping from emotion to emotion is a bit reminiscent of a borderline personality disorder, but, all-in-all, pretty good. Captures Raistlin's personality very well.)
(Bit fluffly, and I feel that Raistlin has become far too nice, seeing as he still had quite the barbed tongue in the War of Souls, but, besides the lack of cynicism, I suppose this appeals to the part of me that kind of liked the whole Raistlin/Crysania thing. Ah well, try it if you want. :shrug:)
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